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Beyond ETH 3.0, There’s Casper 2.0

September 13, 2022

Medha Parlikar


While Ethereum aims to finally upgrade its consensus protocol after seven years, Casper is positioned to upgrade its consensus protocol just two years after its launch.

We’re here to remind folks that there’s a whole world that exists on the other side of “The Merge.” And it’s not aspirational; it’s already here, on Casper. 

Casper 1.0 introduced the most technologically advanced, secure and accessible blockchain on the market. And it has only just scratched the surface of the broader vision that inspired Casper: Casper 2.0 is coming. 

Casper 2.0 will realize the most ambitious features envisioned by the Ethereum 3.0 roadmap at a time when Ethereum 2.0 is only just starting to become a reality – and where even the most optimistic projections put 3.0 at 5 or more years down the road. Casper was conceived as a proof-of-stake blockchain from its earliest days, and the network’s performance has been battle-tested through all kinds of scenarios. 

Now, it’s time to set our sights on an even grander vision. 

Casper’s vision is to onboard the next million blockchain users via a more accessible and intuitive experience. In many cases, users won’t even realize they’re interacting with blockchain technology – and that’s precisely the point. 

We aim to empower technology leaders to build powerful and flexible new solutions that drive improved business efficiencies and open new revenue streams. Casper 2.0 will further enable this process. Among other features, here’s some of what you can expect in Q1 2023:

  • New-and-improved consensus mechanism. The Zug protocol will introduce a faster, more secure successor to the Highway protocol that powered Casper 1.0’s consensus model. 
  • Unified accounts, unified contracts: Casper is already the only blockchain that enables upgradable smart contracts. Casper 2.0 introduces a more powerful feature set in which everything on Casper is a contract – and contracts have all the properties of accounts (including the ability to pay for transactions and to stake on the network). This will enable a more user-friendly user experience, making onboarding the next million users onto blockchain that much easier.  
  • Open validator model: if you want to become a Casper validator, you can do so. This opens up new opportunities within the Casper community for anybody seeking to become a validator on Casper’s proof-of-stake network. 

Make no mistake: this is months, not years, from becoming a reality. Here’s to even more exciting days ahead!

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