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Casper Association $CSPR token Sale: Community Call

Casper Labs

On the March 2 community call, the Casper Association and CoinList talked about the Association’s upcoming CSPR token sale. Mrinal Manohar and others spoke on behalf of the Casper Association. Spencer Wang joined the call from CoinList. For more information about the Casper Association's upcoming token sale, visit Join the Casper Network Telegram and Discord to stay up to date with announcements.

The call recording covers the token sale structure, the network’s economics, the genesis block distribution, and more. Some questions asked by the community and answered during the call include:

  • Is the Casper Association considering capping investment amounts?
  • What does the overall landscape look like with so many different layer one solutions? What are the key differentiators of Casper?
  • Why does the Casper Association own so many tokens?
  • Can the community stake rewards from the moment of purchase? How often are rewards paid out and are rewards locked for the same period as purchase tokens?
  • Is the token sale working on a first-come, first-serve basis?
  • How many nodes will there be on the mainnet and who will run those nodes?

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