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Casper Labs to Join Keynote Session at IBM THINK

Matt Coolidge

SVP of Global Communications

Casper Labs is shipping up to Boston.

We are excited to announce that Mrinal Manohar will be joining IBM Senior Vice President for Products Dinesh Nirmal during the keynote presentation at IBM THINK on Wednesday, May 22. If you’re unfamiliar, THINK is IBM’s signature annual event, hosted by CEO Arvind Krishna. The keynote will be presented live to an expected audience of 5,000 attendees, along with a large virtual audience, and represents a major milestone in our journey to deliver the market’s most comprehensive AI governance solution. 

The session, which will focus on how Casper Labs is working with IBM’s watsonx platform to scale generative AI’s impact with good governance, will feature an in-depth overview of our solution. As an ecosystem partner, Casper Labs is the first company to build a solution based on decentralized ledger technology to enable organizations to securely perform multi-party audits and maintain fully auditable logs for AI training data – two critical features for any business working with AI, as key regulation comes into effect.  

De-risking AI is an absolute imperative for businesses across the board. It’s with this reality in mind that we’re so committed to building and delivering the market’s most comprehensive solution for managing AI training data. 

Just over five months into 2024, AI governance has emerged as perhaps the most critical technology trend that will shape our near-term future. 

As AI – especially generative AI – use cases continue to proliferate, so too has a series of high-profile legislation around the world intended to provide more defined and ethical guardrails for the technology. The EU AI Act is the most notable and furthest along instance, having been officially passed earlier this spring, with parts of it going into effect later this year (for a more comprehensive breakdown, see our EU AI Act compliance FAQs). Other pending legislation, including California’s AI Accountability Act, is poised to further elevate the need for businesses to define and execute clear AI governance strategies.


The Casper protocol, combined with IBM’s best-in-class data management, machine learning ops and governance platforms, will provide the market’s most secure and advanced tool for not only maintaining comprehensive audit logs, but also the ability to securely share them with third-party auditors in a completely secure and tamper-proof manner. 

This has been a major, behind-the-scenes focus for months now, and we look forward to sharing significant updates on our progress on the main stage at IBM THINK in a few short weeks. 

For those planning to attend in person who would like to meet, please connect with us here (note “IBM THINK” in the “Reason for Interest” field). This year’s event will also be held virtually; be sure to visit the official THINK event page to register if you plan to follow along from afar. 

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