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AWS Developer Access to Enterprise Blockchain

Medha Parlikar


We’re thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give developers and organizations building on the Casper Network the ability to directly deploy node infrastructures and design private networks for product testing via AWS. Visit the Casper Network in AWS Marketplace.

Since rolling out in 2006, AWS has established itself as the de facto leader in the global cloud storage space, and the organization’s highly reliable, scalable, low-cost cloud services now power over a  hundred thousand businesses worldwide. Given AWS’ ongoing presence in nearly 200 countries, Casper Network node operators around the world will now have the capability to quickly and securely deploy and connect nodes to the public network instead of waiting weeks for hardware. This makes it easier than ever for developers building smart contracts or other solutions to spin up Casper nodes rapid development and prototype their products. 

“This is a milestone for not only the Casper Network, but blockchain technology’s continued emergence into the mainstream,” said Mrinal Manohar, CasperLabs CEO. “Casper has always been focused on providing the best solutions for businesses to design, test, iterate and deploy in Web3 environments efficiently at scale. Working directly with AWS allows us to realize this mission on a much broader scale and within a much shorter time period than would otherwise be possible.”

As part of this partnership, businesses can now also seamlessly access CasperLabs Professional Services through AWS, making it easier than ever to design and deploy blockchain-enabled solutions to solve critical business challenges. CasperLabs’ in-house team of experienced software engineers is available to help users develop Casper-native smart contracts and integrate new Web3 applications with their existing enterprise solutions, whether their developers are looking to build in a private, public, or hybrid blockchain environment. In other words, enterprise teams and consortiums now have the ability to quickly architect and deploy private networks for solving their business problems, with the additional benefit of access to AWS developer support tools, and extensive ecosystem of partners. 

“Casper AWS Quick Start is a big milestone, and makes it even easier for developers worldwide to access and build on Web3 seamlessly,” said Carlos Moreira, Founder & CEO of WISeKey, a leading cybersecurity company deploying large-scale digital identity ecosystems for blockchain users. “This ability significantly reduces friction in setting up infrastructure for the Casper Network for individual developers as well as organizations like WISeKey which uses Casper for its Digital Identification NFT platform to deliver authenticated digital twins to the art and luxury markets.” 

A growing number of enterprises have joined the Casper ecosystem since its mainnet launch this March, and our users have cited Casper’s efficient gas costs, flexible architecture and significantly reduced energy footprint as major differentiators over other blockchain protocols.

“We’re seeing increasing interest from our customers in blockchain technology, including large enterprises, today 25% of all Ethereum workloads in the world run on AWS” said Marta Whiteaker, director of AWS Marketplace. “We are thrilled to have The Casper Network’s blockchain product available in AWS Marketplace and that customers can now benefit from this Web3 technology anywhere in the world.” 

Building the best-in-class blockchain enterprise solutions entails creating convenient onramps for developers looking to design and deploy Web3 applications, and our partnership with AWS is a massive step in the right direction. We’re excited by the new opportunities this collaboration provides for businesses looking to future-proof their operations, and look forward to seeing what our community comes up with next!

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