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Looking Back at Casper in 2020 | CasperLabs

February 14, 2020

Medha Parlikar


As we head into the final weeks of 2020, we’re taking a moment to look back at the milestones of CasperLabs and the Casper network as we prepare for an exciting 2021. Below are some of the most significant and exciting events to have happened in the past 12 months.

February: Casper network supports AssemblyScript and Rust Contracts SDK

In February, we announced we were supporting AssemblyScript contracts and a Rust contract development kit that includes a runtime environment, documentation and test framework.

March: The Highway specification supports a cartel-resistant consensus mechanism

Released in 2019, the Casper Highway specification serves as the backbone of the Casper network. In March of this year, we expanded on one of the core features of Highway, its cartel-resistant consensus mechanism. Our deep dive into the feature explained how the network leverages a reward scheme to disincentivize cartel formation and ensure a more secure, stable validator network.

March: Casper launches the Zug500 incentivized testnet

In March, we kicked it into high gear with the public launch of Zug500, the first incentivized testnet of the Casper network. Zug500 was the first MVP of the Highway Protocol. We launched Zug500 with testnet validators, including HashQuark, Stakefish, The Arcadia Group, LedgerLeap, and more.

April: We announce our integration with Chainlink to accelerate enterprise and developer adoption

In April, we announced our plan to integrate with Chainlink’s oracle solution to create a much more user-friendly economic environment, as well as empower enterprises and devs with a whole new subset of possible applications. The three goals of the integration are: 1) launch with stable, fiat-denominated transaction fees, 2) accelerate enterprise adoption by providing stable and reliable data feeds, 3) empower developers with a new suite of applications and tools based on off-chain data.

May: CasperLabs joins Binance’s Campaign against COVID-19

In May, CasperLabs joined the Binance Charity Foundation’s Crypto Against COVID campaign. We continue to contribute to a growing effort on the part of our industry to acquire qualified medical supplies and deliver them to as many hospitals in infected areas as possible.

October: CasperLabs announces its $14 million USD private token sale

In October, we closed a $14 million private token sale led by crypto fund Digital Strategies. Other investors in the sale included Global,, Consensus Capital, Cluster Capital, Ropart Asset Management, Waterdrip Capital, AGE Fund, Woodstock Fund, Oasis Capital, and dozens of other funds and individuals. Along with the sale, we went public with our intention to launch the Casper mainnet in Q1 2021.

November: The final incentivized testnet went live

In November, we launched the Zug500 Delta testnet, the final incentivized testnet before mainnet launch. This testnet is optimized to demonstrate to validators and developers the capabilities of the Casper network in preparation for genesis in Q1 2021.

Looking Ahead: 2021

With 2020 nearly behind us, we’re looking ahead at what 2021 holds in store. The most significant event in 2021 will be the Casper network mainnet launch. The mainnet genesis and associated public token sale is planned to occur in Q1 2021. After our mainnet launch, we will continue bringing enterprises and developers to the Casper network to discover the most performant, secure, and scalable PoS blockchain network in the ecosystem.