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Arcadia Group Building DeFi Software Solution

Medha Parlikar



Today CasperLabs is pleased to announce a partnership with The Arcadia Group,  a software and security company that works with companies across the DeFi space and beyond. As part of the partnership, The Arcadia Group will begin building secure infrastructure to power DeFi and privacy-preserving applications on the Casper Network. It will also help onboard new enterprise companies onto Casper, and provide security audits for Casper ecosystem collaborators.

The Arcadia Group is one of the most sought-after auditing and security firms in the Web3 space and has significant experience in the DeFi world in particular. It has worked with teams processing $150M in value on chain, and assisting in securing smart contracts with assets under management (AUM) greater than $6 billion.

Using the Casper Network’s high scalability, energy efficiency, flexibility for non-standard contract functions, and CI/CD functionality, The Arcadia Group will be able to offer its partners and clients highly customizable on-chain DeFi solutions. Casper’s suite of developer-friendly tools and predictable, cost-effective gas prices also make it easy for global teams to begin iterating and building out new products.

“Arcadia is excited to be building a litany of products within the Casper ecosystem, including a number of bespoke solutions for our enterprise and DeFi clients.” said Rasikh Morani, CEO of The Arcadia Group.

As DeFi applications increasingly embrace cross-chain use cases, Casper is emerging as an increasingly popular choice, thanks to its security, scalability and its more predictable and cost-effective gas model. Arcadia’s role in the network further enhances these features as more projects are joining the Casper ecosystem.

Join the Casper AMA on Telegram with Rasikh Morani, CEO of The Arcadia Group on Thursday July 1 at 3PM ET.

To learn more about The Arcadia Group, visit

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