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The First Casper-Native Dapp is Here! | CasperLabs

Medha Parlikar


Today, CasperLabs is thrilled to introduce the first dapp built on the Casper Network and created by community members at ChronoLogic and Digital Strategies: CasperSign, a blockchain-based solution that allows users to digitally sign confidential documents on the Casper Network.

Current digital signature solutions like HelloSign and Docusign are popular among enterprises and everyday users. CasperSign builds on this proven model by adding an additional layer of security and immutability for important agreements.

Built on top of HelloSign, CasperSign is incredibly easy to use. Users go through the traditional HelloSign process of uploading a document and sending it to co-signers. Each party reviews the contract, signs digitally with HelloSign, and then signs on the Casper Network with CasperSign. Users don’t need a CasperSign account to get started, and the process requires no knowledge of blockchain technology. Here’s a quick demonstration of how it works:

The user uploads the document with CasperSign:

The user quickly and seamlessly signs with CasperSign:

The user verifies the document with the CasperSign validator:

With CasperSign, a public transaction takes place, which contains the SHA 256 hash of the signed document in the transaction notes. Using the SHA 256 algorithm to compute a hash of the files keeps the content confidential. The transaction is then appended to the Casper Network along with a timestamp. The transaction serves as the document’s proof of existence, securing its integrity and immutability. Since all hashes are anchored to the Casper Network, all documents can be verified virtually forever, and viewed on the CSPR Explorer.

Said Medha Parlikar, Co-Founder & CTO at CasperLabs, “The Casper Network is the first proof-of-stake blockchain designed to accelerate enterprise, so we’re thrilled to see the first native dapp be something that executives and enterprises can use around the world.”

CasperSign was created by ChronoLogic, the R&D team at Digital Strategies. Digital Strategies is a crypto and blockchain investment and advisory firm, and an early investor in CasperLabs. The team actually mined the first Casper Network block that contained a transaction, and are now the first to develop a native dapp for the network.

"We are extremely excited to be the first dapp on the Casper Network. CasperSign is a great use case and we can't wait to see what other dapps the community will build." said Marcin Żółkiewski, Technical Lead at ChronoLogic.

To learn more about CasperSign, visit ChronoLogic’s blog. To learn more about Digital Strategies, visit

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