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Web 2.5 Goes Mainstream

August 11, 2023

Matt Coolidge

SVP of Global Communications

For all the talk of Web3 technology and its long term potential, the majority of substantive use cases to date have been confined to limited ecosystems that are primarily populated by other Web3 / blockchain companies and enthusiasts. While few dispute its value proposition, Web3’s broader adoption has been hindered by the inability of most native Web3 applications to efficiently integrate with the technology on which most businesses rely on a day-to-day basis.

This conundrum has given rise to a novel concept that brings about the best of both worlds for organizations seeking to balance a desire to harness Web3’s potential while maintaining interoperability within their existing technology environments: Web 2.5.

Broadly speaking, Web 2.5 refers to integrating blockchain technology artifacts like tokens, smart contract and Web3 applications within existing Web 2 applications and services. It’s fundamentally about giving end users greater ability to own and control their own content and assets, while also introducing greater levels of data transparency and immutability. 

To that end, Gartner recently included Web 2.5 in its seminal Hype Cycle for Open Source Software, 2023 report – and Casper Labs was identified as a Sample Vendor in this emerging category. You can read the full release here – and Gartner subscribers may download the full report here.

“Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Open Source Software recognizing the emerging Web 2.5 category, which is fundamentally about integrating the most promising aspects of Web3 technology with existing enterprise technology stacks, marks a significant milestone in the market’s evolution. Businesses today are facing ongoing challenges to do more with less, requiring leaders to seek new solutions that will allow them to remain competitive. At Casper Labs, we’re delivering blockchain software and services that drive revenue and radical efficiency for companies."

– Mrinal Manohar, CEO

Since day one, Casper Labs has been on a mission to build the essential foundation for a new era of customer value and business success. To truly realize the promise of blockchain technology, we need a more effective bridge from point A to point B. Web 2.5 looks to be just such a bridge. 

Here’s to the future!