The CasperLabs Team

CasperLabs colleagues, investors, and advisors are a diverse group of thinkers and builders with decades of experience in internet-scale computing systems across academia, business, and engineering.

CasperLabs Team

Business & Finance
Mrinal Manohar

Built by veterans of the world’s leading institutions

Casperlabs Advisors

CasperLabs is backed and supported by a circle of luminaries, innovators, and leaders.

Anil Antony
Technology & Social Entrepreneur
Michael Arrington
Founder Arrington XRP Capital
Deng Chao
CEO Hashkey Capital
Steven Chen
Co-Founder/Managing Partner Noris Capital
James Haft
PAL Capital
Matthew Herrick
Ledger Leap / Advisor
Brittany Kaiser
Co-Founder, Own Your Data Foundation
Trevor Koverko
CEO Polymath
Nitin Kumar
Silicon Valley CEO, VC Investor
Jocy Lin
Founder IOSG Capital
Matti Liukas
CEO Consensus Capital
Omer Ozden
Chairman Rocktree Capital
Terren Peizer
Founder Acuitas Group Holdings
Ankur Prasad
Director of Product Marketing, Facebook
Wesley Pryor
Acheron Trading
Crystal Rose
CEO Sense.Chat
Bradley Rotter
Futurist Investor, Enterprise Advocate
Kevin Watt
Product Marketing Lead, Dropbox
Charles Wismer
Ledger Leap / Advisor

CasperLabs Investors & Partners

CasperLabs has investments and partnerships from some of the most prestigious VC and technology firms in the world.

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