Meet the Team


Proudly made by a diverse group of thinkers and builders with decades of experience in internet-scale computing systems, across academia, business, and engineering.


Mrinal Manohar
Mrinal is a technology and finance leader previously with Microsoft, Bain, and Bain Capital. He ran the TMT sector of a $1B+ hedge fund, and became an early investor in Ethereum, Blockstack, etc.
Medha Parlikar
Medha is a product and engineering leader with decades of experience delivering production software at marquee companies such as Adobe, Omniture, Avalara, and DivX.
Cliff Sarkin
Cliff is an entrepreneur and former VP of Business Development at DNA.Fund, a leading crypto fund. He led VideoSurf’s $80M sale to Microsoft. He holds a BA from University of California Berkeley and JD from Harvard Law School.
Scott Walker
Scott is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He was Founder/CEO of Atrinsic, a mobile game company that he grew to $100M revenue. He was an early investor in BTC, ETH, and EOS.


Neil Kapoor
Sr. Business Development Mgr.
Neil is an entrepreneur and business development professional. He started his career in finance and pivoted to tech where he helped a Brooklyn startup raise $13M on the ASX. He holds a dual MBA in both Finance and Strategic Management, Niagara University.
Bernd Lapp
Switzerland Country Manager
Bernd is CaperLabs’s expert on Swiss law, regulation, and operations (the CL blockchain is domiciled in Zug). He was head of marketing teams for Deutsch Telekom and Finetech. He also previously served on the Ethereum Foundation for two years.
Ashley Careaga
Executive Assistant
Ashley has a background in administrative tasks, human resources, and assistant to Executive Boards. She is a member of SHRM. She holds a BA in Communications, University of Washington.


Kevin Watt
Marketing Director
Kevin served in product marketing management roles for Dropbox, Amazon and Microsoft Azure. He is successful in growing businesses with aggressive marketing strategies and incredible marketing teams. He holds a BS in Business Administration, University of California Berkeley.
Sanaya Mirpuri
Marketing Manager
Sanaya is an experienced B2B and B2C marketing professional with a background in enterprise software and financial services. She’s held product marketing roles at ConsenSys and Alpine Data. She is passionate about building companies from the ground up, focusing on community, content, strategy, and execution.
Travis Payne
Creative Strategist
Travis is a multi talented designer with specialities in web, mobile, UI/UX, creative strategy. He created and designed the CasperLabs website, motion graphics, advertising, etc.


Marc Brinkmann
Software Engineer
Marc is a Senior engineer with experience in developing embedded, IoT, and Web technologies. He is a founder of 49nord GmbH, a consulting software company.
Piotr Dziubecki
Project Manager
Piotr was a Software Development Manager & Technical Product Manager at Panalpina; working with business stakeholders and technical experts to deliver state of the art product. He holds a MS in Computer Science, Częstochowa University of Technology.
Andreas Fackler
Software Engineer
Andreas is an experienced Rust engineer and Consensus researcher, who has held roles at Google, MaidSafe, 49nord and POA. He has his PhD in Mathematics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Akosh Farkas
Software Engineer
Akosh is a full stack developer with a background working on projects in banking, retail telecommunications, and social analytics. He holds a MS in Bank Management and Software Engineering, International Training Center for Bankers.
Mateusz Gorski
Software Engineer
Mateusz was a software engineer at Audi. Scala is his language of choice, mostly for its interoperability and balancing FP and OO programming paradigms. He holds a MS in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering, Wroclaw University of Technology.
Mark Greenslade
Software Engineer
Mark is a full stack software architect and engineer with deep Agile exposure. He is a member of the IEEE and Chair of the IEEE (CH) Working Group on Decentralised Systems. He holds a BS in Management Studies & Operational Research, University of Leeds.
Ed Hastings
Engineering Manager
Ed is a talented software engineer with 20+ years of experience building high performance back end systems. United States Marine Corps. Knowledgable in wide range of technologies with the ability to dive very deep in any of them.
Fraser Hutchison
Software Engineer
Fraser was Director R&D for MaidSafe, managed the backend team responsible for creating the C++ implementation of the SAFE network. He was a full-time firefighter for 14+ years. He holds a BS in Mathematics, University of Strathclyde.
Bart Kamiński
Software Engineer
Bart was a Rust developer at MaidSafe where he implemented a decentralized system known as The SAFE Network. He also has a background in C#, C++, and Python. He holds a MS in Physics, University of Warsaw.
Dr.Daniel Kane
Consensus Protocol Advisor & Mathematician
Dr. Kane has holds two Bachelor's Degrees from MIT and a Ph.D. from Harvard University. He is an associate professor at the school of Computer Science and Engineering at UCSD. Daniel advises CasperLabs on consensus and is the primary author of the Highway protocol.
Alexander Limonov
Alexander has a background in theoretical micro (ABD) economics. Previously, he modeled Bing’s ad auctions. He holds a MS in Managerial Economics & Strategy, Northwestern University.
Michal Papierski
Software Engineer
Michal worked for Samsung and Amazon. He was successful in a patent application in USPTO. He holds a MS in Computer Science, Polish-Japanese Academy of IT.
Ashok Ranadive
Senior Program Manager
Ashok holds a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with post-grad work in Nuclear Engineering. Indian Navy Commissioned Officer. 12 years at Google building and leading teams.
Joe Sacher
Software Engineer
Joe is a seasoned software engineer with 20+ years of experience, he also participated in building an Android tablet. He is certified in PCB design (CID and CID+) and designed two different ARM motherboards. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
Archit Sharma
Site Reliability Engineer
Archit began his career at Red Hat where he co-authored industrial white papers, and worked on performance and scale of various cloud platforms. After Red Hat, he joined Truechain as Head of Engineering, prototyped/co-authored Truechain's blockchain. He holds a B.Tech. in Computer Science, Amity University.
Piotr Skowron
Site Reliability Engineer
Piotr was the founder of onlyNET and co-founder of putit. He has a background in security services, audits, security assessment, deployment, planning, and maintenance IT infrastructure.
Onur Solmaz
Onur is building the economic models of the Highway protocol. He researches validator incentives, rewards, transaction fees, gas prices and governance. He holds a MS in Computational Mechanics, University of Stuttgart.
Tom Vasile
Manager, Site Reliability
Tom has a strong background in system administration, responsible for managing, incident response, and monitoring around ~3500 heterogeneous systems. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering, Drexel University.
Abner Zheng
Software Engineer
Abner worked at NetEase Cloud Music as a Java developer to help develop services in searching and online streaming music. He holds a MS in Computer Software Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology.
Maciej Zielinski
Software Engineer
Maciej has 10+ years experience as a software engineer with Python, Rust, JavaScript, Scala, Solidity, and WebAssembly. He holds a BS in Computer Science, Technical University of Wroclaw.