Our Vision

The story of CasperLabs: who we are, what we’re building, and where we’re headed

Blockchain is on the brink of its next breakthrough.

Thanks to thousands of true-believing academics, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and everyday enthusiasts, we’ve certainly come a long way. We’re ready to cross the chasm to mainstream. Bridging the gap between the theoretical and the tangible, the promise and the proof, the hype and the bona fide benefits to society.

People stands under the sky

Now is the time to not only scale first-generation blockchains, but to build a platform capable of scaling opportunity for everyone, forever.

And that’s exactly what CasperLabs has set out to do.

As this journey begins, we wanted to take a moment to share with the community a little background as to what CasperLabs is all about.

A decentralized team with a central purpose

Any company will tell you they’ve assembled a kick-ass team. (And to be clear, we think we have.) But credentials aside, what sets CasperLabs apart is not only who we are, but what together we stand for.

It starts with a shared belief in decentralization above all else.

Why decentralize? Look around. From governments to financial institutions, public utilities to private entities, today’s world is highly centralized. Most of the wealth, resources, and influence rest among a relative few. While the individual remains marginalized by systems and gatekeepers that stack the deck against them from the start.

The way we see it, decentralization is the cornerstone of democratization. It’s how we will create more open, transparent, permissionless networks powered by people — paving the way for a new era of equitable innovation.

Together we can take steps to demolish long-standing barriers to opportunity, increase public access to public information, diffuse power rather than concentrate it. Through our actions, we seek to increase accountability and financial independence the world over, and usher in new ways of thinking about how the world could work.

Decentralization above all else.
It doesn’t just describe our
platform, it’s the guiding ethos
for what we build, and everything
we do as an organization.

Mrinal Manohar, CEO

For the CasperLabs team, decentralization is more than a product feature, it’s the foundational ethos we share. Woven throughout our entire organization, shaping how we communicate and collaborate, and it’s why we provide open context for every decision along the way.

A platform for those who build

The term “platform” gets thrown around a lot these days, across every market segment and stage of growth. But what is a platform, really? A modern way to sell software, an all-in-one solution — or something more?

To build a truly decentralized future, we needed to carefully examine what a blockchain platform should be. Taking nothing for granted. Challenging assumptions. Pushing beyond simply being the fastest, or the most developer-friendly, or even the first to solve the trilemma. Features and functions alone do not make a platform.

What makes a platform is reducing the friction that keeps developers from building their big ideas. Skills should be transferable, languages universal, and support always available — because when anyone can build, everyone will benefit.

What makes a platform is keeping an eye to the next horizon. Designing software to be upgradeable, creating a roadmap that’s sustainable, and giving builders a future-proof foundation to support innovations today and tomorrow.

What makes a platform is knowing nothing exists in isolation. It’s why we consider the broader context of the real-world economics facing individuals and businesses every day. And why we commit to keeping pricing predictable by designing a network that becomes more efficient at scale. And help ensure the value of the network never creates barriers to building applications. Connectedness comes through in the technology itself, too. Because blockchain apps must be able to interact seamlessly and without friction to a world of systems responsible for how our world works. We’re building a platform that pulls all the pieces together — strong on its own, but strongest together.

These principles, more than any line of code we could possibly write, are what set CasperLabs apart.

To us, a platform delivers more than a product. It delivers possibility.

A platform shouldn’t be the destination. It should spark new beginnings.

In the end what makes a platform isn’t us.It’s you, the Builders.
Together there’s no limit to how far blockchain can take us.

for the builders

Builders welcome

CasperLabs is on a mission to explore blockchain’s next frontier. Carrying the torch forward, building off of the incredible work of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other pioneers in blockchain and beyond. We’ve set some big, ambitious, goals for both our technology and the team behind it. We see CasperLabs and the entire blockchain community as part of a movement to build a brighter, fairer future for all of us. Forcing more conversations about equity and fairness on a global scale. Shifting paradigms and creating new models where previously none existed. And we won’t get there alone.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
African proverb

Guided by open source principles, we know innovations happen faster when they’re created together. Always public. Always permissionless. CasperLabs is bringing builders together to help blockchain deliver real solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Collaborating for the benefit of all. Sharing what we learn along the way.

Developer. Investor. Entrepreneur. Enthusiast. No matter your title, if you see yourself as a Builder — of applications, of communities, of opportunityCasperLabs was built for you.

Ready to build the future? Join us.