Delta testnet is live!

Help build the future proof PoS blockchain with developer-friendly tools and validator resources.

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Build on Delta testnet

Get started with the technical basics and build primitives, dapps, and custom innovations on Casper’s Delta testnet.

Validate on Delta testnet

Act as a validator on the Delta testnet in preparation to earn rewards with the Casper mainnet launch.


What is the Casper network?
The Casper network is a decentralized Proof of Stake smart contracts platform built to overcome the scalability trilemma of most current blockchain platforms. Casper is built from the CBC Casper specifications, originally outlined by Vlad Zamfir. Casper is optimized for easy developer onboarding and enterprise adoption.
What is the Casper Delta testnet?
The Delta testnet is the most recent incentivized testnet of the Casper network, and the last testnet before mainnet launch. Delta allows both validators and developers to work with a fully functional platform until mainnet launch in Q1 2021.
What can I do on the Delta testnet?
On the Delta testnet, developers can set up dev environments, write and deploy contracts, deploy tokens from different EIP specifications, and test out unique capabilities of Casper like upgradeable contracts and the Solidity-to-Rust code transpiler. <a>Build on Delta!</a>

Validators on the Delta testnet can set up their node infrastructure and stake, earning testnet rewards and preparing for mainnet launch. <a>Validate on Delta!</a>
How can I start building on the Delta testnet?
Start building on the Delta testnet by <a>visiting our documentation</a> and getting started!
I am a validator of the Zug500 testnet, how do I upgrade to the Delta testnet?
If you are a validator on the Zug500 testnet, you will need to set up a new node in order to begin validating on the Delta testnet. <a>Check out our guide to setting up a node.</a>
How do I start running a validator node on the Delta testnet?
Start validating on the Delta testnet by <a>visiting our node operator</a> guide and getting started!
When will the Casper network mainnet go live?
The Casper network public mainnet will go live in Q1 2021. <a>Sign up for updates</a> and stay informed about our progress.