Built for developers.

Designed for the future.

Start building on the Casper network with developer-friendly languages, upgradeable contracts, a robust Solidity transpiler, and more.

Why Casper?


Familiar languages

Start building now with languages you know, including Rust and WebAssembly.


Solidity transpiler

Easily bring Solidity-based code and dapps over to Casper with our transpiler tool.


Upgradeable code

Launch code and dapps with the confidence that you can upgrade your products later.


Predictable gas fees

Build user-friendly dapps with predictable gas fees, determined by a set fiat cost for operations.


Weighted key management

Allow developers and designers to create much more user-friendly solutions to security and custody.

Review documentation

Dive into the Casper network documentation to learn about the technology and how to get started with key building blocks.

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See the Network

Take a look at the Casper network block explorer to see how the network has been performing, including validator uptime and transaction throughput.

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Join the Community

Join our community of devleopers to learn about updates, ask questions, and build together.

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Run a Node

Interested in operating a validator node on the Casper Network?

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