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Why CasperLabs

Casper is a decentralized blockchain and smart contracting platform that scales for real-world usage and simplifies experiences for developers and end-users.
Scale without sacrifice

Scale without sacrifice

Casper provides scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain services — powered by CBC Casper proof-of-stake.

Easy to use for everyone

Easy to use for everyone

Casper is simple and familiar, removing the barriers to mainstream adoption for developers, validators, and end-users.

Scale without sacrifice

A future-proof foundation

Casper is upgradeable infrastructure, designed with the foresight to support what you’ve built no matter how technologies and industries evolve.


Build on Casper

Scale without sacrifice.

Build apps as big as your ambitions. The network will be fast and secure for your applications at real-world scale because it’s powered by Highway, our innovative CBC Casper-based proof-of-stake consensus protocol and our parallel execution engine.
  • More efficient

    Most network computing power is applied toward processing transactions instead of proof-of-work mining.

  • Designed for public, large-scale, decentralized networks

    Everyone can participate in consensus because the network is permissionless. Bad behavior is punished by slashing stake so it remains secure.
  • Natively supports scaling technologies

    We built the network to be upgradeable to support the best scaling technologies: concurrent execution, sharding, and sidechains.

Easy to use for everyone.

Accelerate development and deliver delightful end-user experiences by leveraging popular, well-supported tools and workflows.
  • Write apps with the languages, tools, and workflows you already know

    Use any language that compiles to Web Assembly (Wasm) to write apps that run on your computer and the blockchain — such as Rust.

  • Get real-time application insights easily

    We built a GraphQL interface right into the platform so your days of node polling and workarounds to get real-time data are over.

  • Stay in control of your smart contracts

    Control who can access and run your smart contracts in the global state. And easily manage payments — prepay users transaction fees, or offer a coupon; the choice is yours.

A future-proof foundation.

Innovate and grow confidently with a trusted foundation that you know will support you today and tomorrow as your business evolves.
  • Easily forecast the costs of your app

    Build your business model accurately knowing your usage fees are predictable and fixed. Your costs won’t go up just because the network gets busier.

  • Versioning, made simple

    Whether its bug fixes or major upgrades, your smart contracts need to evolve over time. With built-in versioning for smart contracts, it’s a snap to upgrade your smart contracts whenever you need to.

  • Upgradeable infrastructure

    Say goodbye to slow-moving, inflexible blockchain infrastructure. Say hello to the blockchain thoughtfully planned with the foresight to be upgradeable.

Breaking down barriers to realize blockchain’s full potential

  • 1st Generation Blockchains
  • Slow and inefficient OR centralized
  • Unpredictable pricing for apps
  • Steep learning curve and niche tools
  • Frozen in time without the ability to upgrade
  • Casper
  • Fast, efficient AND decentralized
  • Predictable platform economics and app costs
  • Leverage popular languages, tools, and workflows
  • Ability to upgrade built into the platform

About CasperLabs

We’re on a mission to explore blockchain’s next frontier. To create more open, transparent networks powered by people — paving the way for a new era of equitable innovation. To help deliver real solutions to the world’s pressing challenges. And, to bring builders together because we know innovation happens faster when we create it together.

We’re building the blockchain platform purpose-built to scale opportunity for everyone, forever.

Always public. Always permissionless. Always open-source.

Proudly made by a diverse group of builders with expertise across academia, business, and engineering.

Our Roadmap

Node 0.1March 2019
Our first, public code release, featuring Naive Casper and in-memory DAG
Monthly Node Release with new features and stability improvements
Node 0.5June 2019
Launched our Developer Network Preview
Node 0.6August 2019
CLarity - Block Explorer, debuts
Highway WhitepaperOctober 2019
Released our whitepaper for the Highway consensus protocol
Q1TestNet for Developers
Launch a feature-complete network for smart contract development and prototyping
Late Q2/Early Q3Incentivized TestNet
Launch TestNet phase 2 with genesis validators and economic security.