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The world’s most advanced proof-of-stake smart contracts platform
optimized for developer experience and enterprise integration.
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Delta testnet is live!

The Casper network Delta testnet is live, the last testnet before mainnet launch.Build on Delta

Mainnet launches soon!

The Casper public network and token sale will launch in Q1 2021. Sign up to stay up to date.Sign Up
Developers, investors, and businesses that believe in Casper
Trail of Bits has completed a security audit of Casper’s protocol.

Developer-friendly languages, tools, and workflows

  • Write smart contracts in any language that compiles to WebAssembly (WASM).
  • Use existing IDEs like Visual Studio and monitor nodes with Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Control critical infrastructure with CI/CD workflows and seamless upgrade paths.
  • Easily start writing and executing smart contracts without running node software.
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User-friendly accounts, payments, and transaction fees
“If you’re an engineer, you should really check them out.”Alon GorenDraper Goren Holm
  • Recover, delegate, and manage accounts using powerful key features.
  • Implement freemium models, loyalty programs, referral incentives, and funnel tracking.
  • Reduce friction by paying for user transactions and save costs with predictable gas fees.
World-renowned CBC Casper protocol means
scalability, security, and decentralization
  • Correct-by-construction consensus ensures both safety and liveness at scale.
  • Eth3.0 capabilities available in a public, permissionless blockchain today.
  • Proof-of-stake incentive mechanism powered by the Casper native token.
“We need the next generation of scalable, fast, and secure platforms for the development of industrial-grade solutions. CasperLabs is developing a platform for exactly that purpose.”James HaftPAL CAPITAL

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