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Casper Labs Team With Google Cloud to Enable Developers to Build and Scale Blockchain Applications on the Casper Protocol

Casper Labs

ZUG, Switzerland, Feb. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Casper Labs, the enterprise blockchain software leader, announced today an expanded collaboration with Google Cloud which includes migrating part of its infrastructure and enterprise applications to Google Cloud, and providing Casper Association grant recipients access to Google Cloud technology to help them build and scale blockchain projects and solutions on the Casper Protocol.

“Expanding our relationship with Google Cloud and further decentralizing the infrastructure on which Casper nodes run gives developers even greater flexibility,” says Mrinal Manohar, Casper Labs CEO and co-founder. “This is a big milestone for opening and expanding access to Casper for the scores of developers that build on Google Cloud every day. As blockchain adoption continues to grow among businesses and governments alike, collaborations like this will be vital to delivering the truly enterprise-ready services and tools that allow developers to drive meaningful business outcomes with blockchain technology.”

Enabling Casper Developers with Google Cloud
Casper saw significant growth in 2022; it recorded its one millionth block in the fall, less than 18 months after mainnet launch. In the ensuing period, and throughout continued growth in developed activity, Casper hosted one of the largest blockchain deployments in history, when IPwe announced the deployment of 25 million patents on Casper in January.

Google Cloud will provide the needed infrastructure for Casper Labs’ professional services team to deploy and manage blockchain solutions that can meet customers needs from both a private and hybrid perspective.

“Our collaboration with Google Cloud will allow developers and customers to build on a proven cloud provider that enables thousands of enterprises everyday,” said Ralf Kubli, Board Member of the Casper Association. “Supported by Google Cloud and Casper Association, developers will be enabled with the right tools to develop the Web3 solutions of the future.”

“Google Cloud serves as the layer zero technology for which founders and developers can build new and innovative blockchain-based products and services that will help grow the Web3 ecosystem,” said James Tromans, engineering director, Web3 at Google Cloud. “Through our work with Casper Labs, we can provide secure, reliable, and sustainable cloud infrastructure for developers to build and scale their products on the Casper Protocol.”

Casper Labs recently released its State of Enterprise Blockchain Adoption, 2023report, which revealed that despite challenging economic headwinds, businesses plan to adopt blockchain technology at higher-than-ever rates in 2023.

About Casper Labs

Casper Labs is the enterprise blockchain software leader. Casper Labs built the first layer-1 blockchain for the scale and operational needs of business, creating complete transparency for all business transactions. Casper Labs delivers applications and services that drive revenue and radical efficiency for companies and governments. We are on a mission to build the essential foundation for an entirely new era of customer value and business success. For more information, visit

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