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Casper Labs CEO to Join IBM Think Keynote on Scaling the Impact of AI

Casper Labs

NEW YORK, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Casper Labs, a leader in AI governance technologies, today announced that their CEO, Mrinal Manohar, will join the Wednesday keynote at this year’s IBM Think. IBM Think is IBM’s premier, annual event and expected to attract over 5,000 senior business and technology leaders. During the session, Manohar and IBM SVP for Products, Dinesh Nirmal, will explore how Casper Labs is working with IBM to augment the governance capabilities of the watsonx.governance platform.

As governments continue to introduce new AI regulations and concerns mount around data security and compliance, enterprises are increasingly prioritizing the development of an AI governance stack. The keynote comes on the heels of Casper Labs’ and IBM Consulting’s previously announced collaboration to integrate Casper’s distributed ledger technology with IBM watsonx.governance platform.

Casper Labs, with support from IBM Consulting, is building an AI governance solution to unlock greater transparency, stronger data controls, and robust auditability for AI training data. By combining the enterprise-ready Casper blockchain with IBM’s best-in-class data management, machine learning ops, and existing governance tools, they will provide the most advanced solution for maintaining and sharing audit logs of AI data in a secure and tamper-proof manner. At IBM Think, Casper Labs’ Manohar and IBM’s Dinesh will offer an in-depth overview of this solution, which is expected to launch later this year.

“De-risking AI systems is a top priority from the board level down, an initiative that has been given new urgency with the advent of AI-centric regulations around the world,” said Mrinal Manohar, CEO of Casper Labs. “Compliance with regulations like the EU AI Act is at the forefront of corporate AI agendas today. It’s increasingly clear that robust AI governance will be integral to unlocking the technology’s full potential and ensuring its viability far into the future.”

Scheduled for Wednesday, May 22 at 8:30 AM ET, register to join live and watch Casper Labs and IBM’s keynote.

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About Casper Labs
Casper Labs is a leader in AI governance technologies. The company built the first and only blockchain for the scale and operational needs of business, across fully public, private and hybrid networks. With Casper Labs, businesses can easily embed enterprise blockchain into their AI offering. The result is a certifiable and tamper-proof audit trail of building, training, and running AI models. Casper Labs brings unprecedented visibility and trust to AI solutions so enterprises can embrace the technology with confidence.

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