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Casper Labs Track & Trace Unifies the Supply Chain Experience

Casper Labs

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Casper Labs today announced Casper Labs Track & Trace, the first state-of-the-art solution to optimize inventory and quality control to cost effectively enhance and secure product delivery processes.

With Casper Labs Track & Trace, businesses can:

  • Power inventory management, logistics and even reverse logistics applications more efficiently and securely by leveraging the only platform that natively supports upgradeable smart contracts.
  • Build innovative supply chain solutions to authenticate assets in real time with Casper’s tamper-proof database while expending minimal compute to transform cold chain tracking and significantly mitigating risk of shrink from theft and counterfeiting.
  • Better protect supply chains from risk by ensuring regulation standards amid an evolving regulatory environment with a constant feed of data that can be easily scanned and audited at any moment.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen supply chains hit with all kinds of shocks such as COVID-19, international conflicts, port closures and all kinds of other disasters we couldn’t forecast. Businesses that operate supply chains were already on tight margins and now the room for error is even thinner and almost unmaintainable,” said Mrinal Manohar, chief executive officer and founder of Casper Labs. “We know how hard factory-based colleagues are working around the world and we recognize the critical need to uplevel their systems and processes. This will not only transform cost centers into profit centers but also ultimately enhance the customer experience and connection with the brand.”

The Casper Labs Track & Trace solution will help optimize logistics networks, inventory management and product distribution to cost-effectively secure order fulfillment and enhance awareness around product delivery processes. This will enable manufacturers to quickly upgrade workflows and provide tools to easily authenticate at purchase while simultaneously adhering to regulatory standards.

Such an approach can transform both retail brands to improve their customer experience and build exciting new communities, while also upgrading pharmaceuticals, healthcare, beverage and spirits and other businesses to track highly sensitive items that need to be maintained at certain temperatures such as whiskey, blood and vaccines.

The introduction of Casper Labs Track & Trace Solution is the product of a multi-year commitment to developing purpose-built solutions for the fast-changing supply chain industry, including collaborations with AWS and Google Cloud for cloud server infrastructure and with increased interoperability to ensure data can be seamlessly ported between different databases.

The Casper Labs team will be excited to share the Casper Labs Track & Trace Solution at Manifest 2024 and TPM 2024.

To explore more on the Casper Labs Track & Solution, click here.

About Casper Labs
Casper Labs is a leader in AI governance technologies. The company built the first and only blockchain for the scale and operational needs of business, across fully public, private and hybrid networks. With Casper Labs, businesses can easily embed enterprise blockchain into their AI offering. The result is a certifiable and tamper-proof audit trail of building, training, and running AI models. Casper Labs brings unprecedented visibility and trust to AI solutions so enterprises can embrace the technology with confidence.

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