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Building More Responsible AI Systems

A Webinar featuring IBM and Casper Labs

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Learn why blockchain is the most secure and cost-effective enabler of responsible AI systems -- and a see preview of how the Casper Blockchain and IBM are coming together to bring clarity and control to AI training data.

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Featured Speakers

Mrinal Manohar
Casper Labs

Co-founder and CEO

Heather Gentile

Executive Director of Product Management, Data and AI

Shyam Nagarajan

Executive Partner, Blockchain, Web3.0, Metaverse and Sustainability

Building More Responsible AI Systems Webinar featuring Gartner, IBM and Casper Labs

AI is the most exciting technology on the market today, but current workflows lack auditability, governance and transparency, inhibiting the development of responsible AI systems at scale.

To reach critical mass, AI systems to date have prioritized speed above all. This has led to an inability to effectively audit datasets and diagnose issues when AI systems don't perform as expected or governance processes fail. This makes it prohibitively difficult to identify and correct any biased outputs or misinformation, which in turn hinder overall confidence in AI systems.

Together, Casper Labs and IBM are addressing the need to build enhanced governance and transparency into AI by applying IBM's AI and data platform, watsonx, and blockchain's uniquely tamper proof nature. This webinar will address how forward-thinking organizations are navigating this fast-evolving market to separate themselves from the pack and drive more positive business outcomes with AI.

About the Speakers

Mrinal Manohar

Co-founder and CEO  | Casper Labs

With a research background in formal language theory and neural networks, Mrinal’s AI expertise has led Casper Labs to develop blockchain solutions that will bring more transparency and trust to large language models.

Heather Gentile

Executive Director of Product Management, Data and AI  | watsonx

Heather frequently collaborates and partners with C-suite leaders around the world to develop strategies that foster risk-aware decision-making when it comes to AI while seeking solutions that solve risk and compliance challenges.

Shyam Nagarajan

Executive Partner, Blockchain, Web3.0, Metaverse and Sustainability  | IBM

Shyam is focused on generating new and better business outcomes through applying blockchain and AI technologies, advising clients on how best to utilize these solutions to generate revenue and improve business operations.

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