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Casper Labs delivers blockchain solutions that adapt and endure.

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Casper Labs provides enterprise-grade software and professional services to organizations building on the Casper Blockchain. We're committed to setting you up for successful business outcomes, on your terms – all powered by a team with deep enterprise experience.

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What makes Casper Labs a Blockchain for Business

Medha Parlikar | Casper Labs CTO

(00:01) [Music] I'm Medha Parlikar, co-founder of Casper and the Chief Technology Officer at Casper Labs. I spent much of my career in professional Enterprises like Adobe and Avalara, where I led developer teams and oversaw major technology decisions. What does blockchain for business mean? Well, first and foremost, a blockchain has to interoperate with legacy technology. Basically everything that’s been built before. From developer workflows to security requirements. We designed the Casper technology to work with existing infrastructure and the existing organization.

(00:40) So instead of having an ivory tower of blockchain experts, organizations can onboard all of their developers. Flexibility is also essential for organizations. I often say to enterprise customers, history is immutable but the future is unwritten, and having upgradeable Smart Contracts gives them that flexibility. With Casper Smart Contract versioning is built in. While with other blockchains, Smart Contract upgrades are essentially a hack.

(01:35) If you are a business looking to build a solution with real utility, The Casper protocol gives you all the flexibility and features your organization requires to make it a reality. And with Casper Labs you will have the support and service you expect when adopting a new technology. Come build with us.


Learn why Casper is the most customizable blockchain on the market.

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Blockchain technology should meet businesses where they are, not vice versa. Successful outcomes require a high degree of flexibility and interoperability with your existing systems. Unlike other “one-size-fits-all” blockchains, Casper delivers just that.

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Casper is the market's most secure and flexible blockchain

Casper is designed to accelerate enterprise and developer adoption of blockchain technology today, while also maintaining the flexibility required to evolve and meet user needs in the future.


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