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Built on Casper: How Robot Cache is Transforming the Gaming Industry

Matt Coolidge

SVP of Global Communications

Re-selling games is a decades-old practice that has long been at the heart of the multibillion dollar gaming industry — and an area that blockchain technology is uniquely suited to support. Historically, after finishing a game, a player could trade it in for cash at a physical gaming store, like GameStop or GameCrazy. But as digital gaming grows and more retailers close, there are now fewer opportunities for physical resale: GameCrazy shut its doors in 2010, and GameStop has closed 1000 brick and mortar locations over the last few years. Reselling has become even more sparse and complex as more games go digital.

Yet, even before gaming’s wave of digitalization, reselling had drawbacks. Gaming companies took a significant percentage of every sale, meaning the benefit of the sale—and the incentive to resell—was minimal. And with manual processes, proving gamers’ ownership was a challenge to execute.

For game reselling to be successful and lucrative in the digital age, gamers need a method that enables accessible, fair, transparent, and secure trading. There is no more cost-effective or secure option to facilitate this process than blockchain technology.

Robot Cache Uses Casper Labs’ Blockchain to Revive Reselling

Blockchain technology enables users to store, manage, and transact data on a distributed ledger platform. Every transaction is recorded and digitally authenticated by third-parties, making it a viable solution for gaming companies, like Robot Cache, to build secure online trading capabilities between users.

Robot Cache is the world’s first PC game marketplace where gamers can play, earn, and sell their digital games. The company recently completed an integration with Casper Labs, enabling users to trade their games through a blockchain solution.

The integration doesn’t just give gamers a foundation to facilitate their trades. By leveraging track and trace capabilities, users can accurately track the distribution and usage of their content, whether it’s a game they made or a game they’re reselling. This not only helps developers and players ensure they get fair compensation, but also it provides a more equitable playing field.

If a Robot Cache gamer owns a given title — say, Wasteland 3 — that ownership is verified with a digital stamp on the Casper Blockchain that’s easily trackable and verifiable by any third party. And when and if they ever decide to trade it, they can easily transfer their ownership. In short, the blockchain-based marketplace helps gamers reclaim the freedom to safely and more efficiently buy, play, and sell what they rightly own.

And fear not: gamers don’t need any experience with blockchain to use Robot Cache’s platform. Think of it like signing into a Gmail account. When users sign in, they enjoy features like fast loading times, remote access, and enhanced security, but don’t actively think of the cloud—the backbone technology that makes it all possible. Blockchain technology serves as a backbone too, enhancing operational efficiency and security in a frictionless way.

At Casper Labs, we help all kinds of businesses like Robot Cache better serve their customers blockchain technology that’s reliable, upgradable, and interoperable with existing tech stacks. And more often than not, it’s done without the end user even realizing they’re interacting with blockchain technology. It’s about delivering a superior user experience, period.

Learn more about other industries that can benefit from Casper Labs’ blockchain technology. 

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