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Casper Mainnet is Live!

March 30, 2021

Casper Labs

Today at 15:00 UTC, the Casper Network mainnet went live with its genesis block! 54 Node operators provisioned their servers, installed the Casper node software and installed the configuration files for the Genesis block.

The Casper Network reached this milestone because of the dedicated efforts of a community of builders, developers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs who came together to build a Layer 1 solution from the ground up that can meet the needs of enterprise users today and evolve in the future.

Since announcing the final testnet in Fall 2020, CasperLabs has been making final preparations and assisting the Casper Association and the validators for this event today.

Casper’s mainnet launch represents another significant milestone in its evolution. The Casper Association, a Swiss nonprofit entity, will manage the community around the public network and lead the community’s collective efforts around Casper’s ongoing adoption, evolution and decentralization.

“The Casper Association is committed to providing resources to help accelerate the adoption of Casper and its growing ecosystem of decentralized applications,” said Ralf Kubli, one of the directors of the Casper Association.

"We're also excited to continue welcoming developers and dapp teams onto the Casper Network so they can discover the developer-friendly features of the network, including: smart contracting support for any language that compiles to WebAssembly with CI/CD support for Rust, weighted key management, upgradeable contracts, predictable gas fees, and more,” he continued.

The Casper Association has seeded DEVxDAO with 500 million CSPR tokens as of the Genesis Event and up to another 1.1 billion CSPR tokens over the next 6 years to give grants to developers with ambitious ideas for DApps and decentralized infrastructure solutions.

What’s next for CasperLabs after mainnet?

With mainnet launch, CasperLabs will focus on building solutions for clients beginning to move on-chain on the public Casper Network or on enterprise-optimized private iterations of the mainnet.

Above all, the Casper Association and CasperLabs both want to thank the Casper community for the support and education during the journey to mainnet launch. The Casper Association looks forward to growing the Casper Network community and CasperLabs will provide professional services and support for organizations building on Casper.