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Your AI model
is a black box

It’s time to see the light.

Break through AI's black box

Apply to become a design partner, where you'll be among the first to experience a new standard for governing AI datasets.

Key features

A first-of-its kind tool that provides a critical layer of insight into generative AI systems.

Realize an unprecedented level of visibility and control when working with AI training data.

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Version Control

Maximize productivity and reduce downtime via the ability to roll back to previous versions of a given AI model

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Maintain a clear workflow between consumers and providers to realize ongoing, actionable insights.

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Automatically maintain a highly serialized log of workflow requests and approvals to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Securely and transparently enable third-parties to access AI training data and provide relevant attestations.

Casper Labs and IBM are pushing AI forward

Overcome risk. Realize AI’s full potential with a comprehensive AI governance solution that’s designed to work seamlessly with IBM’s watsonx.governance suite.

Learn more about Casper Labs and IBM's collaboration.

A tamper-proof way to manage AI metadata

How blockchain augments AI

AI governance, reimagined

Learn how an immutable, tamper-proof database provides a critical layer of visibility and control for managing AI metadata.

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Break through AI's black box