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CasperLabs Launches the Zug500 Delta Testnet

November 15, 2020

Medha Parlikar



Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the Zug500 Delta testnet - our final incentivized testnet before Casper’s mainnet launch in 2021. With an eye towards the public mainnet, we are launching Delta as the most complete way for validators and developers to test out the capabilities and benefits of the Casper network in preparation for Q1 2021. Whether you’re a validator, a developer, or a fan of scalable, secure Proof of Stake blockchains, learn more about the Delta testnet and what it offers. Start with Delta

Delta for Developers

The Delta testnet gives developers the tools and ability needed to begin building performant, scalable dapps that can be migrated over to mainnet in Q1. Core to the value proposition of the Casper network is developer friendliness. Instead of learning a new, unique language, developers can begin building immediately with the languages they’re familiar with, including Rust.

Our Delta testnet landing page directs developers towards the resources they need to get started with the fundamental components of Casper, including:

  • Setting up a dev environment
  • Setting up a Rust contract SDK
  • Writing and deploying contracts
  • Deploying token contracts
  • Getting testnet CASP
  • And more!

Get started with the Delta testnet and begin building dapps, primitives, and fundamentals on the Casper network in preparation for mainnet launch in Q1 2021. Reach out with any questions and join our Discord to meet other developers.

Delta for Validators

During our previous incentivized testnet in the Spring 2020, we had over 20 founding validators join us as critical participants in the earliest phase of the testnet. The Delta testnet has 50 permissionless validator positions available during this initial stage. We will increase this gradually to 200 validator positions. Permissionless means validators may freely join and leave the network with no restrictions, an architecture we believe supports decentralization, incentivizes us to create positive experiences for validators, and remains true to the ethos of layer 1 permissionless-ness. Top active validators on the Delta testnet will be rewarded with the Casper mainnet token $CSPR when it goes live in Q1 2021 with the public mainnet.

Learn more about being a validator on the Casper Delta testnet and get started.