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Lead Ventures & Blockchain Adoption | CasperLabs

Medha Parlikar


Today CasperLabs is pleased to announce our partnership with Lead Ventures, a team known for bridging business and strategy for innovative industries in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as the broader Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region.

Following the recent appointment of Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki as CasperLabs’ Managing Director, MENA, the partnership with Lead Ventures will expand CasperLabs’ footprint in the UAE and help bolster adoption of the Casper Network. The collaboration is an important milestone for CasperLabs as we continue to grow internationally and engage with organizations and institutions seeking to transform their business operations and processes with the industry’s first proof-of-stake enterprise blockchain.

Lead Ventures sits under the umbrella of The Office of HH Sheikh Juma Al Maktoum with a mandate to lead and pioneer the local market through strategic partners that seek to innovate in the UAE and beyond. With support from Lead Ventures, CasperLabs will enable government agencies, corporations, and other organizations to unlock tremendous value by creating new markets, ensure greater security, decrease costs, and provide liquid trading by digitizing existing assets and eliminating exchange friction.  

The Casper Network recently launched to Mainnet, and has already attracted a growing ecosystem of innovative Web3 firms, publicly traded companies, and developer organizations. With professional support and services from CasperLabs, this growing community is introducing a new standard for blockchain technology that can be quickly integrated, scaled, and deployed in any enterprise setting.

“We are honored to align with Lead Ventures as a strategic partner in the UAE. Our relationship will enable CasperLabs to bring our novel proof-of-stake blockchain to a region that is known for its ingenuity and bold technological ambitions. This is just the beginning,” said CasperLabs CEO, Mrinal Manohar.

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