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Cathy Zhu Joins as Managing Director of China | CasperLabs

March 17, 2021

Medha Parlikar


China is an important market for Casper. We recently announced Casper’s partnership with China’s Blockchain-as-a-Service Network (BSN) to make it easier for developers to build on Casper.  We’ve been humbled by the significant growth in Casper’s Chinese community in recent months. Today, we’re excited to announce the latest major milestone for CasperLabs’ China operations.

Cathy Zhu has joined as Managing Director of China for CasperLabs. As the former CEO of and former Director of Finance of the Institute of Blockchain Singapore, Cathy has deep experience and expertise across operations, strategy and development, and project management with an extensive network of businesses, spanning a spectrum of Fortune 500 organizations and growth stage startups. She is a PMP certified project manager, and has worked with businesses and teams in 70 different countries. With her experience in the blockchain industry, Cathy will ensure that Casper is accessible to builders from both Web2 and Web3 environments.

Cathy will oversee Casper’s growing China operations, including professional services and business development, while continuing to foster Casper’s growing China community. She’s especially excited to tap into the growing demand for Web3 solutions in the world’s most populous nation. With developer-friendly languages, upgradeable contracts, a robust Solidity transpiler, and other developer resources and tools, Casper is leading the way for enterprise and developer adoption. Cathy is a world-class addition to the CasperLabs executive team.


Chinese translation :

认识CasperLabs中国区负责人朱凯西(Cathy Zhu)。


Cathy Zhu加入CasperLabs担任中国区负责人。作为BW.com的前全球CEO和新加坡区块链学院的前财务总监,Cathy在运营,企业战略策划与发展以及项目管理方面拥有丰富的经验和专业知识,同时拥有广泛的业务网络,涵盖了世界500强企业和成长阶段的初创公司。她是PMP认证的项目经理,并且与70个不同国家的企业和团队合作过。凭借其在区块链行业的经验,Cathy将确保Casper可供Web2和Web3环境中的构建者访问。

Cathy将负责Casper在中国的业务发展,包括专业服务和商务发展,同时继续壮大Casper的中国社区。Cathy对于能参与到这个世界上人口最多的国家对Web3解决方案的需求不断增长感到非常兴奋。通过使用对开发人员友好的语言,可升级的智能合约,强大的Solidity编译器以及其他开发人员资源和工具,Casper正在引领企业和开发人员的采用它的解决方案。 Cathy是CasperLabs管理团队的一名世界级成员。

欢迎 !