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Credentia Builds Digital Verification Systems

Medha Parlikar



asperLabs is pleased to announce a partnership with Credentia, a company building tools to design, sign, store, and verify digital documents. The collaboration comes following the launch of Casper’s first native dapp CasperSigns, which allows users to seamlessly archive signatures on the Casper ledger. Together, the teams will build systems for universally recognizable digital documents and credentials.

Credentia helps organizations in multiple industries create provable, portable, programmable digital credentials with total lifecycle management. Their solution is based on open standards using blockchain technology, and gives clients interoperability, security and a privacy-preserving way of dealing with valuable data online. They have worked with academic institutions, as well as online education services, colleges, corporate universities and vocational training centers to enable digital universally recognizable educational credentials. .

The Casper Network’s design for high performance scalability and security will benefit Credentia in building full-sized, self-sovereign identity and decentralized identifier systems on chain while protecting sensitive user information. With developer-friendly tools and more predictable and cost effective gas prices, the Casper Network also offers Credentia developers the opportunity and tools to build robust and varied solutions across sectors in government and enterprise.

Said Credentia Founder Stepan Gershuni, “The goal of this partnership is to give real world entities trusted and interoperable decentralized identity infrastructure to manage valuable data, such as public sector credentials, digital documents, attestations, certificates, contracts, and more. Using the Casper Network’s Proof of Stake mechanism with self-sovereign identity technology will create a scalable, verifiable, and cryptographically secured ecosystem for data exchange in a privacy-preserving way.”

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