Our Story

We’re on a mission to explore blockchain’s next frontier. To create more open, transparent networks powered by people — paving the way for a new era of equitable innovation. To help deliver real solutions to the world’s pressing challenges. And, to bring builders together because we know innovation happens faster when we create it together.

One issue has kept blockchain from delivering on its promise: scale. Scale in the technology. Scale in the usability developers and end-users expect. Scale in the kind of security that real-world use cases require.

Without scalable platforms, blockchain can only serve a relatively small group of true believers. It can’t replace closed structures of control with shared networks of trust. It can’t become the paradigm-shifting technology that ushers in a new era of equitable innovation.

Now is the time to not only scale first-generation blockchains, but to build a platform capable of scaling opportunity for everyone, forever. To build a blockchain platform that is scalable, simple, and secure enough to empower anyone to build the next thing that could change everything.

And that’s exactly what CasperLabs has set out to do.

Casper is the blockchain platform
purpose-built to scale opportunity for
everyone, forever.