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Our Team

Our Team of Experts

A truly global team, Casper Labs is dedicated to delivering impactful, innovative solutions that solve some of today's most pressing problems. We pride ourselves on our diverse backgrounds and experiences — and the unique blend of skills that they enable.

Our Team

Abir “Bandy” Bandyopadhyay | SVP of Product Marketing - Casper Labs
Abir “Bandy” Bandyopadhyay

SVP of Product Marketing

Matt Coolidge | SVP of Global Communications - Casper Labs
Matt Coolidge

SVP of Global Communications

Mitch Kirsch | Executive Producer Events - Casper Labs
Mitch Kirsch

Executive Producer Events

Kelsi Kruszewski | Marketing Manager - Casper Labs
Kelsi Kruszewski

Marketing Manager

Wendy Maxson | Graphic Designer - Casper Labs
Wendy Maxson

Graphic Designer

Travis Payne | Creative Director - Casper Labs
Travis Payne

Creative Director

Sarah Wilson | Social Media - Casper Labs
Sarah Wilson

Social Media


We are one global team

Our growing team of nearly 100 employees spans three continents and countless time zones. We’re committed to building the most reliable and sustainable blockchain for businesses by meeting organizations where they are, not vice versa.


About Casper Labs

A growing number of organizations, from fast-growth companies to the public sector and Fortune 500 are choosing to build on Casper, thanks to its completely secure and future-proof architecture.